To meet the requirements of day to day challenges…

Electrical Services:

  • Electrical & Mechanical repair of both AC & DC Machines- upto 125MW/11 KV AC and 2500 KW DC.
  • Complete recaging of squirrel cage rotors with new bars & rings.

Mechanical Services:

  • Fabrication and replacement of shaft, end covers and bearing fits.
  • Trouble shooting & resolving vibration, noise & overheating problems.

Casting Facility:

  • Non Ferrous Casting upto 500kg single job & Ferrous Casting upto 200 Tons per month.
  • Casting of DE & NDE Shields, Bearing Housings, Couplings and Fans Duly Machined as per O.E.M. specifications.

On Site Services:

  • Complete overhauling of Motors, Generators & Transformers.
  • Annual Rate Contract for maintenance of Motors & Alternators.
  • In situ balancing of Rotor at site.


  • Precision such Lathes for motor parts as Shafts, End Covers, Bearing Covers, ect.
  • Rebabbiting & Blue Matching of White Metal Bearing.
  • Planning, Shaping and Surface Grinding facility.
  • Hydraulic pullers 50 ton/Hydraulic Press 500 tons.
  • TIG/MIG/ Resistance Welding Facility.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Fine Boring.

EOT crane 20 Tons – Two Nos.